Do I have to be shopping to use the park?

No. We are an independent business and everyone is welcome. Payment must be made at the kiosk.

Are gift vouchers available?

Yes, please email us.

What age can go on the Aqua Park?

Aqua Warrior is suitable for a wide variety of ages from as young 6 to elderly. Good flexibility and fitness is recommended.
*Ages 6 to 7 may use the park but MUST be accompanied by their parent or guardian always, must take full responsibility for them.
Under 6 years of age are not permitted on the park.

Is there a weight/height restriction?

Yes up to 120kg. You must be able to fit into one of the provided lifejackets

Do you take card / EFTPOS?


Are there tables available?

No, tables are not available.

Are there BBQ’s available?

No, BBQ’s are not available.

Can I buy food and drinks?

Yes, there are many Restaurants located close by. Drinks are available from our kiosk.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Yes, you may bring any of your own food.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

No alcohol consumption may take place before or while participating on the Aqua Park.

Do I need to book, or can I just come along?

We would prefer a booking but groups of  under 10 people can just come along on the day. Customers should arrive at least 20 – 30 minutes prior to their preferred time to allow for their ticket purchase, the signing in process and the safety brief. This time may become longer as peak season approaches. All patrons need to be on the beach dressed and ready to go 10 minutes prior to the session start time. Latecomers cannot join a session that has already started once the safety brief has been delivered.

*If you have a group of 10+, Birthday Party or School we do request an online booking be placed.

Do I need to sign a Waiver?

Yes, all participants must read our safety rules and sign a waiver before being allowed onto the park.

These are available on site at the ticket booth and on our website. If you are under 18 you must be signed in by a guardian.

Do I need to wear a life jacket?

Yes, and it must be an Aqua Warrior life vest and must be fitted by our staff.

Are there any sharks?

No. We are a freshwater man-made lagoon.

If I want to do 2 sessions can I split them up

Yes, you can take a break, just let us know what session you would like.

Cancellation policy

See Terms and Conditions